Why Upbound?

Provide Self Service Infrastructure

Scripting was the way operations teams worked 20 plus years ago and then Infrastructure as Code (IaC) took over. Control planes as the next evolution in empowering teams with self service infrastructure.

Eliminate TicketOps and Empower Your Teams to Safely Get the Tools They Need in Half the Time

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Ticket Based Systems Are Costly

Companies need to optimize for speed in a world of ever increasing customer demands for value . Unfortunately, most organizations rely on the same ticket and email driven processes for infrastructure provisioning today as they had 20 years ago. The backends may have evolved from bash to HCL, but the underlying pain has remained consistent.

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Self Service Streamlines DevOps Workflows

Modern, cloud native organizations are evolving from centralized management of infrastructure to a self-service model in which an operations team (often called a platform team) defines infrastructure abstractions that development teams can consume on demand.

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As more cloud providers support Kubernetes style APIs for managing resources, the vision behind Crossplane moves closer to reality.

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Self Service Infrastructure Becomes Reality With a Control Plane

Crossplanes control plane technology gives infrastructure and application teams additional layers of interoperability and self-service like never seen before.
  • API Driven
  • Automation through Reconciliation
  • Reduced Engineering Effort
  • Resource Granularity for Permissions and Policies
  • Full Lifecycle of Provisioning Beyond Day 1 Activities
  • Day 2 Activities Including Patching, Upgrades & Scaling

Upbound was built to reduce the friction, time and costs around provisioning infrastructure

We do this by providing tools that help any organization transition from manual scripting processes and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to modern, self-service and GitOps practices. By automating tasks, both Dev and Ops teams can use their time more efficiently, to focus on what really matters - serving a company’s customer base in the best possible way.
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