Control Planes: The Missing Ingredient for Cloud Native Developer Platforms

February 2, 2022

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Who you get infrastructure from and how you build applications for it has changed. Now more than ever, customers are utilizing best-in-class infrastructure from the vendors of their choice. However, this presents challenges to platform teams who are tasked with controlling cloud spend and simultaneously empowering developers with self-service to the infrastructure they need.

This is why Upbound was created— to eliminate the classic build vs. buy trade offs platform engineers have to make.

Upbound is a platform for platform engineering and is powered by our open source project, Crossplane. It helps your teams build, deploy, manage, secure, and consume all of your platforms so your developers can get more done and your operators can sleep soundly at night knowing things are under control.


Grant Gumina

Direct of Product, Upbound

Key Highlights

  • The future of infrastructure-as-code as control planes take main stage
  • Why control planes are the final piece of your GitOps strategy
  • How Crossplane is empowering platform teams to build their own cloud platforms



Grant Gumina, Direct of Product, Upbound

Upbound is on a mission to modernize how the cloud-native and Kuberentes community manages infrastructure and accelerate how developers build applications with safe and easy infrastructure self-service. Our open source Crossplane project extends the Kubernetes API and enables platform teams to compose Internal Cloud Platforms using a control plane architecture. I'm leading a team of Product Managers, Developer Advocates, and Product Documentation Engineers to help customers scale Crossplane to production and we're growing.

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