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Empower your DBAs with a scalable, compliant Database-as-a-Service platform that avoids vendor lock-in and can be customized to meet the needs of the DBA, Developer, and Platform team.

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Speed up database and schema deployments by using an extensible platform based on control planes

When compared to manual deployments or script driven configuration, a Database-as-a-Service platform offers a range of benefits, including cost savings, scalability, simplified management, security, and improved accessibility. It can help businesses address common database management challenges and focus their resources on core operations and innovation rather than database maintenance.

Upbound can help you create an internal, self-service database platform that can provide a flexible and efficient solution that addresses many of the concerns associated with DBaaS. Upbound lets you easily adjust to changing requirements to make sure your databases remain secure, performant, and compliant.

Upbound frees up DBAs to work on things that matter while allowing better standardization and reducing risk.

  • Build custom configurations that automatically deploy databases and schemas
  • Manage your exposure with configurations that meet policy and data privacy requirements
  • Create your own platform that addresses data sovereignty and privacy concerns
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