What's an Internal Cloud Platform and Why Do You Need It?

June 23, 2022

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So, you know you love Crossplane (we do too!). But what’s the benefit of using Upbound? We thought you might ask! Watch our webinar and practical demo to learn how to build an internal cloud platform (and why you probably already are). 

You’ll walk away knowing how to empower your organization to build an internal cloud platform designed for scale — providing your organization with a self-service experience and a single point of control across environments and vendor relationships. 

Watch this engaging session and demo to learn more about all our NEW features and how to get started building your internal cloud platform. We’ll guide you through various scenarios with examples of what we’ve curated for our customers.

dan (1) (1)

Dan Mangum

Principle Software Engineer, Upbound


Nic Cope

Senior Principal Engineer, Upbound

Key Highlights

  • Define what an internal cloud platform means.
  • How to build and iterate on your internal cloud platform quickly.
  • How to tailor an internal cloud platform to fit your organization's unique needs.


dan (1) (1)

Dan Mangum, Principle Software Engineer, Upbound


Nic Cope, Senior Principal Engineer, Upbound

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