Kubernetes Called and it Wants Your IaC Back: Using Control Planes to Modernize Your IaC Tech Stack

January 18, 2023

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Building a control plane sounds like fun. Continuous reconciliation, eliminating drift, developer self-service - what’s there not to like!? Then you realize how much IaC you already have in production. Whether it’s just a few scripts, or decades of investment in tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, or Terraform, adopting a new tool for your platform can be intimidating. Now, thanks to Upbound’s Official Terraform Provider for Crossplane, it’s easier than ever to incorporate resources managed by IaC into your Crossplane-powered platform. 

In this talk we will discuss:

  • How to use Crossplane with your existing infrastructure managed by IaC
  • Helpful tips and tricks for deploying Crossplane with a phased approach
  • Real-life examples from our customer Millennium bcp, the largest Portuguese private sector bank, who found success adding Crossplane to their existing tech stack


Viktor Farcic HS

Viktor Farcic, Developer Advocate, Upbound

Viktor Farcic is a Developer Advocate at Upbound, a member of the Google Developer Experts, CDF Ambassadors, and GitHub Stars groups, and a published author. He is a host of the YouTube channel DevOps Toolkit and a co-host of DevOps Paradox.


Matthias Luebken, Senior Product Manager, Upbound

Matthias is an experienced Product Manager and leader with a demonstrated history at start-ups, scale-ups, and enterprises.

Yury Tsarev

Yury Tsarev, Principal Solutions Architect, Upbound

Yury is an experienced software engineer with a strong focus on Linux and software quality. Yury is passionate about open source and contributes to several upstream projects on a regular basis. He has strong TDD/BDD experience, broad test automation skills, and deep knowledge of modern cloud technologies and distributed computing. Currently, he is focused on developing open-source distributed systems in cloud-native environments.

Nuno Guedes (1)

Nuno Guedes, Cloud Compute Lead, Millennium bcp

As a cloud architect and technical manager, Nuno has focused on finding answers to complex and strategic challenges, delivering unique and class-leading solutions to internal and external customers. Nuno has been working with cloud environments since 2010, delivering business value in areas like rapid application development, business-critical backends, ESB, high-volume transactional web sites, hardware integration and real-time distributed computing. Currently, he is the Cloud Compute Lead for the largest private bank in Portugal and actively engages with the community to drive cloud adoption.

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