Shift Deployment Security Left with Weave GitOps & Upbound’s Universal Crossplane

December 7, 2022

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Customers need to build, deploy, and manage their internal cloud platforms while ensuring security and resiliency for their cloud-native applications. In doing so, they can successfully manage releases and shift security left through trusted delivery using Policy as Code.

In this session, we’ve partnered with Weaveworks to showcase how to effectively manage application delivery while maintaining a high level of security using Weave GitOps and Upbound. Managing a stateful application deployment with a relational database, Weave GitOps can recognize if there is a policy violation and correct it before deploying the application. This is all made possible with Weave GitOps and Upbound’s Universal Crossplane. Using familiar Git workflows, Weave Policy-as-Code enables application engineers to quickly deliver new features safely.

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Dan Mangum

Principle Software Engineer, Upbound

Paul Curtis

Paul Curtis

Solutions Architect, Weaveworks

Join us as we demonstrate the scenarios where:

  • All changes to application configuration are managed through Git workflows
  • Upbound’s Universal Crossplane allows you to build, deploy, and manage your cloud platforms
  • GitOps provides an extra layer of security by removing the need for direct access to Kubernetes clusters
  • Policy-as-Code guarantees security, resilience and coding standards compliance


dan (1) (1)

Dan Mangum, Principle Software Engineer, Upbound

Daniel Mangum is a Principal Software Engineer at Upbound and a maintainer of Crossplane, an open source CNCF incubating project. He has served in a variety of roles in the upstream Kubernetes project, most recently as a Tech Lead of SIG Release, and is active in multiple other open source circles. Daniel is also an advocate in the RISC-V community, hosting a meetup in Durham, NC and writing the RISC-V Bytes series on his blog. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, meetups, and anywhere else an audience will listen to him passionately promote a future of more open hardware and software.

Paul Curtis

Paul Curtis, Solutions Architect, Weaveworks

Paul is a Principal Solutions Architect at Weaveworks, where he provides pre- and post-sales technical expertise. Paul comes from the big data world and machine learning world, having spent seven years at MapR. Paul has served as Senior Operations Engineer for Unami, a startup founded to deliver on the promise of interactive TV for consumers, and was Systems Manager for Spiral Universe, a company providing school administration software as a service. He has also held senior support engineer positions at Sun Microsystems, as well as enterprise account technical management positions for both Netscape and FileNet.

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