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The Cloud Native Era A Control Plane Approach Self-Service Infrastructure Empower Platform Teams

The Cloud Native Era

Among enterprises that use cloud, 84% have a multi-cloud strategy for their mission critical applications. But each cloud provider – AWS, Azure, GCP, AliCloud – has its own proprietary control planes, APIs, controllers, tools, and UI. As a result, enterprises are unable to achieve workload portability across cloud providers.

To address the complexity of managing heterogeneous cloud services, we created the open source Crossplane project. It standardizes infrastructure and application management using the same API-centric, declarative configuration and automation approach pioneered by Kubernetes. Platform teams can assemble infrastructure from multiple vendors and expose higher-level, self-service APIs for application teams to consume, without having to write any code.

We started Crossplane because we understood the power of the Kubernetes operating model and wanted to extend it beyond container orchestration. We believe this model is applicable to all applications and infrastructure that organizations are managing.

Bassam Tabbara

CEO & Founder of Upbound

Crossplane extends Kubernetes adding APIs and controllers that enable it to manage resources and services from multiple cloud and infrastructure vendors. Platform and application teams can now author configurations for databases, caches, networking, and other services living outside of their Kubernetes clusters. Configuration is continuously reconciled by Crossplane and Day 1 and Day 2 automation is handled out of the box.

As multi-cloud becomes a pervasive strategy for organizations, the way teams are organized and the tools they require must evolve. Self-service infrastructure provisioning, organizing around platform teams, leveraging Kubernetes, and adopting a universal cloud API are a few of the ways an organization can modernize its engineering culture and optimize its operations to meet the challenges of the cloud native era.

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Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, hiring globally.

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